Momentum recently headlined at the Business Growth Show in Oxford. Company director Jonathan Fink was one of two key speakers at the event, talking about how to increase online sales with SEO.He describes how Search Engine Optimisation is often pitched to businesses as the ‘magic bullet’ they need to grow and prosper online. Yet the dream of ‘boundless sales and riches’ is rarely realized. Catch the main points of his seminar here and download the Momentum presentation to uncover the reasons why.

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Email Jonathan Fink to obtain a copy of his presentation.Unlike other SEO-related seminars you might be familiar with, this presentation looks at SEO from an unusual angle. Recently presented at the Business Growth Show Oxford it’s a ‘how NOT to’ rather than a ‘how to do it’ guide. The reason being that, despite the wealth of information out there – countless books, seminars, courses – SEO projects continue to fail and continue to disappoint business owners’ expectations.So, why is Search Engine Optimisation so important? Who – and what – is it for? Why bother – and who really cares?

The answer is simple: SALES. It’s all about sales –  yet very few website owners really know what a ‘result’ generated by their own website looks and feels like.So exactly what constitutes a ‘result’? We take an in-depth look at the performance of a long-term Momentum client website to find out. Firstly, we see an eight-fold increase in enquiries following our SEO intervention – and this off the back of a whopping ten-fold increase in site visitors over a 6-month period. Secondly, a huge increase in the number of unique keywords that bring visitors to the site through Google search; the number of unique phrases rises from 1500 to 6500 over six months – and is still growing. At the same time as the volume of enquiries increases, the quality and size of potential orders improved, through better targeted keywords. SEO does not happen overnight, but it has a big impact over time,


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