High heeled shoes are finding their way on the scene in virtually every place today. They show up in offices throughout the spectrum as well as in schools and on the streets each day. You’ll see them on women of above average height given that they love the way they make them look. There is nothing better than a high heeled shoe in making legs look a lot longer than they are really.

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High heeled shoes are the only appropriate footwear to add to your attire, that’s one thing that must be thought of when you are searching for the best shoes for a formal evening out on the town. For the woman who has got into the arena of executive status at work you must realise that it is almost obligatory that you use high heels for every event. Power dressing demands it and you must look the part. Getting womens designer shoes is a really good way to look the part.Whatever it can be, a pair of high heeled shoes will certainly make you feel the role. Using a set of high heeled shoes can make the busy executive woman appears more powerful. Even if you are not a powerhouse in the corporate environment you are sure to feel better and look better if you’re wearing a set of heels.

Some people state that high heeled shoes make them feel and look more sexy, and that is likely the way many consider this kind of shoe, but that wasn’t the first reason shoes with high heels were first invented.Men in the 1500s wear higher heels on their shoes so that their foot wouldn’t slide from the stirrup when riding a horse. This practice continues nowadays with the cowboy boot. As time passed by, such shoes could also be seen on upper class individuals, both men and women. For many years now, high heeled shoe has been in existence.If you go back even farther within historical past you will find that the ancient Egyptians also put on shoes with higher heels for a lot of causes. You can look it up on Wikipedia if you have a need to understand about that, then again we aren’t referring to ancient history here.

You should always make sure to purchase the right size when purchasing your favorite set of high heeled shoes. You can trip or fall down if you walk around with shoes that are very tight or keep sliding off your feet. Fitting shoes before purchasing them is usually the best way to decide whether they are a good fit.Break in any new set of footwear so that they will not injure your feet. It can be done in your own home by using them for an hour or so at a time while doing other things in your own home or you can wear them to the office and take along one more pair to change into occasionally during the day. When you’re ready to prove to the world the type of power you posses, there is nothing better than a pair of high heeled shoes.

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