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Thank You Sponsors – April 2018

Hey guys, I’d like to take a minute and thank all of  those who sponsored this blog this month.  Without them, there wouldn’t be regular updates here!  So, do me a favor and check them out if you haven’t yet!

SEO Intelligence – Get a free trial account today by following the link!

EWA Private Network – EWA is an affiliate network that is by invite only, but is opening up their doors for a while to allow all affiliates a chance to join!

Direct CPV – Need affiliate traffic?  Need it cheap? Direct CPV sells CPV and PPV traffic!  Use code JMB25A for $25 bonus!

Are you interested in seeing your message here?  Find out more about purchasing a banner ad or sponsored post on Click Consultants by visiting our advertising page!

Here are some other products and services I recommend:

LocalLeadPlan – My buddy Chad wrote a great guide on local affiliate marketing also called local lead generation!

Aweber – This is hands down the best software for email marketing (collecting emails).

MarketLeverage – One of my favorite affiliate networks!

Again, thanks to everyone that makes this blog possible!  That includes both sponsors and my readers that support them!

PS: Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the second part of Setting Limits on Distractions!

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