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Mistakes I’ve Made – Don’t Do It All!

A great potential of internet marketing and affiliate marketing is that you are able to make a lot of money being a “one man show.”  In fact, near the start of my internet marketing career I was working about 8 hours a day and was making very decent money.  I also see this type of stuff written on internet marketing blogs all the time discussing how this is a business that you can make a decent chunk of change with only yourself as an employee.  This is true!

I would like to however encourage you to think about how much more your earning potential would be if you weren’t stuck doing a million meaningless tasks that could easy be done by someone else.  Immediately most of you are jumping to a cost in your head about how much you’d have to pay a full time employee, but I implore you to consider the cost of not having an employee.

Having a person that is able to do all the small repetitive tasks that you must handle each day in this business frees you up to focus on more important tasks thus allowing you to expand your earning potential to peaks you never even dreamed possible.

Want even better news?  You don’t have to pay hundreds a week for a full time employee.  There are countries all over this world where $2 – $3 dollars an hour is a lot of money to them.  In fact, I’m currently working with a girl who is working for me part time (20 hours a week) doing content creation and link building whom I’m paying $50 dollars a week salary.

I have used other people for as long as I can remember to help me handle tasks that took too much of my time away from doing what I’m actually good at doing…  Marketing!

Anyone can create landing pages, design blog themes, website themes, gather keywords, prune data, etc.  It’s those that get (understand) marketing that become great internet marketers, so instead of putting your focus on a billion other things, focus on what you are…a marketer!

Leave the rest of the stuff to those that are good at those things, hire a blog designer, a landing page designer, find some cheap help to create content for your websites, etc.  Everyone talks about all the great benefits about working online, working from anywhere, small start up cost, worldwide audience, etc.

Just don’t forget with a worldwide audience you can find good help at a very affordable price

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