Spending days of stuffing Meta tags, hidden texts & all SEO are truly behind us. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are investing billions of dollars into top secret algorithms to keep the search results for any given query spam free & relevant. Four of those algorithms are Google’s Trust Rank, a way of assigning authority to a web-site or domain. We are going to outline the one easiest ways you can increase Trust Rank, authority & hopefully general online visibility.

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For only $10 a year, registering your domain for ten years shows search engines that you are serious about your business & domain. Spammers are renowned for registering cheap .info domains to do whatever disagreeable business they are planning & then letting them drop when they are caught. If you were spamming would you shell out your money to register your domain for ten years if you knew what you were doing would probably get you banned from the search engines?Having a SSL certificate for all forms on your site shows search engines that you are serious about security & it assures users that the information they need is being sent over a secure channel. If you’re a web spammer, would you care about any security or privacy of your web-site visitors?

Quality paid & free directories show search engines you are willing to shell out sometimes massive bucks to promote your business & marketing online. Adding your site to Business.com and Yahoo Directory are too expensive annual fees for the average webmaster but the authority gained by both listings can make a giant difference. On the other hand, DMOZ listing showing search engines that a human by hand reviews your site & deemed to be worthy of classification among the best in it’s section.Don’t hide behind domain privacy services if you don’t need to. There’s an evidences that search engines can see right through this “wall” anyway & it makes your site less trustworthy to normal visitors or customers. Make sure the Whois information matches the contact details on your site & in your privacy policy owner.

If you cannot receive a dedicated IP, make sure you’re not sharing your IP with any “less than desirable” websites. This is truly widely debated but the general consensus among SEO is that a static IP address is better.If you can buy an aged domain, an older registered domain is always ranked better then a totally new domain. There are tools out there which can tell you if the domain has been dropped or previously registered.There are some few technical reasons for this, which sums up nicely here. Getting a dedicated IP address can be a simple affair when calling up your hosting company & asking or at most paying a few extra dollars a month for the privilege & peace of mind.

It should be noted that after implementation, all over the above that has been noticeable increase in SERPS, with quality score & overall online visibility for not only our own sites but our clients too.There’s no real way to check exactly what affects your site on through trusting factors, but you must stick to the common sense factors and real world methods to get an extra authority for your domain with small hard work.Lots of people have reported that when we use the above methods, we can dramatically improve our SEOefforts with cleaning your website for good and try to lift the penalty of the search engines. Try them for yourself, you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.


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