Google Plus, as we have expected has started in taking a huge part in the social media network war. As of this writing, there are almost 10,000,000 people using it within a short time after it was launched.If you are into internet marketing, Google Plus will surely play a big role in the industry so you should have a good knowledge of how to use it on your campaigns.

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Google Plus Tips

Your Google Plus Profile – your profile will be the center of all your activity in Google+. Make sure that you fill out the about section. Make a good introduction of yourself and utilize the usage of the Links section in the right side of your about page. You can check what I did in my about page.

Import Your Existing Friends – there’s no harm in socializing with people you already know. Google Plus gives you the options of adding friends via their suggestions option or importing contacts from your hotmail and yahoo email.

Create Circles That Will Easily Identify Audience – In a social network like Twitter, we sometimes get tons of updates when we follow a lot of people which is annoying. With the Google Plus Circles, we can group people. In my account, I group people as Clients, Bloggers, SEO Pros, Online Media, Extended Network, Friends and Family. With this, I can choose easily the exact group of people that can relate to what I am sharing.

Spark Up Things – use the Sparks feature to start discussion of things you share in common with the people in your circles. This is a good thing to build followers of your streams, and eventually show that you are an expert in the field. Sparks is a good thing to grab the latest articles of a certain topic from the search results without leaving Google+.

Hangout with People – this is a video conferencing feature that enables you to speak with multiple people at one time. You can do this for online meetings or for remote client presentations.


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