Susanne Morreale Leber, president of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, interviewed me for their cable TV series, Biz Snips. We discussed Internet marketing tips and tricks for small businesses. I thought I’d share some tips.

Three Internet Marketing Tips

  1. Internet marketing isn’t a substitute for basic marketing principles or a business model.

Internet marketing is a confusing topic. Internet marketing can be described as a business model. You have created an Internet-based business. For most small businesses, however, the Internet can be used as a new media channel to reach their target market. Internet Marketing is another tool in your arsenal. If this is your mentality, you will be able to apply basic marketing concepts to all your efforts.

  1. Internet marketing isn’t about gaining the most followers, likes and friends.

Internet Marketing Tips – Build Relationships Internet Marketing is about creating relationships and increasing visibility in your target market. There is something fundamentally important about fan count. People will look at your company’s profile on Facebook and Twitter and immediately judge it based on how many followers, friends, or fans they have. Fake or indifferent followers are not good for your business. Although it may seem tedious to grow your Twitter or Facebook followers or fans organically, people who follow you might actually care about your business and support it. If you intend to market to these followers or fans, using a service that adds 2000 fans quickly will only make you look bad in the end.

  1. Internet marketing isn’t about looking for the next shiny object.

Internet marketing involves creating a solid plan, sticking to it, evaluating your results, and then changing your activities as necessary. Small business owners should create a flexible marketing plan that can adjust to the changing Internet and fit your needs. You may not be able to use every online tool that is available.

How can a small business owner market their business online while still managing their business day-to-day?

Many small businesses feel that marketing is becoming more complex and confusing. There are constant technological changes and new platforms available to help you get found in search engines. Internet marketing is now a sensible activity for small businesses. It incorporates content marketing, search engine optimization, local search, and social media marketing. It is important to find someone you can trust who is knowledgeable in marketing and is up-to-date on the latest trends. This will allow you to focus on your local business and what you love most as a business owner.

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